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Ends On:   Nov 20

Blue Manatee Press is looking for talented illustrators for two upcoming children's books.

1) Herm the Germ - A simple, rhyming book about colds, being (minor) sick, going to the doctor. Submissions will be decided based on their rendering of the mischievous yet not too scary title character. Bright, colorful, funny. Here are the first 3 spreads: 

Baby play, baby play.

All day, hooray!

Suddenly – aachooo!

Sneeze! Cough! Boo-hoo!

Shiver, rashy, fever, squirm.

Oh no - Herm the Germ!  

2) After 9 wonderful books together, Andrea Kang has decided to move on from Baby Unplugged. A new artist is needed with a new feel for the work, for the forthcoming Baby Unplugged: Day, which will be targeted at retail + medical markets via Reach Out and Read. The work doesn't need to have an identical feel, but something light, positive, and fun, maybe a bit more neutral/masculine look vs the prior more pastel. This will likely be a continuation of the series. Sample opening 3 spreads:

Good morning!   Wash, eat, tie my shoe.
So much to share, so much to do.

Roll a ball across the floor.

Build a box house with a door.

Bang pots and pans, make fun sounds.

Stack blocks high off of the ground.

* Each commission is $4000, payable in 2 installments at agreement to the project and then at completion. No royalties are involved, unless agreed upon in advance.  

* Submissions are preferred by mid-November, with a decision soon thereafter. The cover + draft of the book will be due by early March, to be placed in the upcoming blue manatee press Fall Catalog.  

Questions/entries, or otherwise welcome at .