What is Cincy Art Link?

Cincy Art Link (C-LINK) is your connection to the best creative professionals in Cincinnati to hire for custom gifts, clothing, furniture, home decor and more. Cincy Art Link can help you find esteemed artisans in your community to make unique and one of a kind items. Browse their profiles and pick your favorite. Connect through Cincy Art Link and the rest is between you and your artisan.

What types of services can I expect from Cincy Art Link artisans?

By using Cincy Art Link to find local creatives, you are ensured the highest quality professionals Cincinnati has to offer. Cincy Art Link features artists working in a diverse range of creative fields including design, glass, painting, sculpture, music, illustration, food, fashion, jewelry, steel, ceramics and more. You will find artisans who can create one-of-a-kind custom pieces for your collection, furniture or unique fine art for your home or office, as well as creative services for events including performance, food, and installation. Cincy Art Link takes out the guess work in hiring artist and craftsmen and makes certain you are hiring the best local talent.

Why support Cincy Art Link?

Cincy Art Link is, above all, a tool to help build a stronger creative economy in Cincinnati. This site is the product of passion and pride in our local artisans. Cincy Art Link wants to provide a way for Cincinnati artists to thrive while bringing unique and beautiful pieces of craft into your home. By creating a profile and supporting C-LINK you are helping local creatives do what they do best. Why buy mass manufactured items when you can support the community and find exceptional one-of-a-kind products at the same time?

What is Cincy Art Link?

Cincy Art Link is a web based service designed to showcase Cincinnati's creative professionals. The site is searchable and easy to use so that patrons can easily review portfolios and contact local artisans. Its goal is to provide quality professional connections for both artists and buyers.


How do I become a featured artist on Cincy Art Link?

Creative professionals submit an application to be featured on Cincy Art Link (see Submit an Application). Local experts in a range of creative industries review applications quarterly. Annually, an announced panel of esteemed members of the local creative community review all applications for special acknowledgement. Once selected, an artists portfolio and information are added to C-LINK and can be accessed by patrons.

I don't live in Cincinnati. Can I apply to Cincy Art Link?

At this time, C-LINK is focused on supporting the Cincinnati artist community. Creatives living within a 50-mile radius of downtown Cincinnati can apply for review.

Can I still be involved in Cincy Art Link if my application is not accepted for the site?

Of course! Cincy Art Link is a resource for all members of the creative community. Newsletters, calls for entry, events, and workshops are open to non-C-LINK creatives through our website. Artisans who are not selected for C-LINK are always encouraged to apply again in the future.

What does Cincy Art Link cost?

Cincy Art Link is a free for all! Artist or patron, this is a free service focused on bringing people together.

As an artist, can update my own Cincy Art Link profile?

Cincy Art Link content is curated and assembled as individuals are accepted to the service. Artists are able to access and change basic contact information. Images and other information changes are approved by C-LINK. Email us to request content changes.