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How it Works

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Local experts in their field select the artists. They've narrowed the selection to only the best artists, so you don't have to. Browse by medium or category to find the perfect additon to your collection or fellow artists.

Our past jurors have included: 
Matt Distel (Carnegie Arts Center), Jim Killy (Artist), Katie Parker (Artist + Professor), Yvonne van Eijden (Artist + Curator), Mary Heider (Curator), Lori Wellinghoff (DIGS), Beau Bolce (Quince + Quinn, Owner), Mike & Carolyn Deininger (MICA 12/v), Cole Carothers (Artist), Yvonne Morales (Drawing Dept), Erin Sansalone (CAC Store) 





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Whether you need a custom farmhouse table, a family portrait, or a stained glass window, Cincy Art Link has the creative talent you're looking for.

How it Works



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